Jewelry Armoire – FINISHED!

Kimmy Christmas 1983

Yes, it’s true! I’m not joking. It really is finished! The surprise on my sister’s face says it all… she never thought it would happen! To be honest, there were times I believed that myself!

Here it is, before and after staining/finishing:

And the inside:


Last week I managed to get the last few coats of poly on the cabinet. Saturday morning Jay attached the backing, reattached the doors, and installed the hardware.

Jewelry Armoire - Finished - 4-12-19

It was a big sigh of relief to get that off of my table. It’s been hanging over our heads for a while. Life just kept getting in the way. Due to its size I couldn’t just pop downstairs and spend a few minutes on it to get the finishing done. It required quite a chunk of time, plus I didn’t want to do any staining when the heater was on because that just creates more fumes. But we got it done!

Jewelry Armoire - Backing

The back isn’t pretty, but you’re not suppose to see it.

Since this is going to hold Karen’s jewelry, she wanted pegs on the inside so that she can hang necklaces.

Jewelry Armoire - Peg Holes

She now has all kinds of options for hanging necklaces!

We delivered it to her front door Saturday morning.

One project off the list!

I wasn’t looking to add another project to the list so quickly, but Jay wanted to surprise me with something he had designed. I have to admit that my reaction quickly deflated his balloon of happiness, but I tried to assure him it wasn’t due to his thoughtfulness. It was mainly due to the To Do list increasing again.

Do you remember this pattern I showed you a while back:

Kitty Couch - Annies Crochet

Well, I ended up purchasing it. I don’t have any intentions of starting it anytime soon because I know the cats will refuse to use anything that I spent a lot of time making. I wonder what they will do with something that Jay made for them?

Cat Couch - 4-15-19

Yes, he made a frame for a Cat Couch! He is so sweet to me and sometimes I’m just not very appreciative. It’s like when a husband brings home a fresh turkey for his wife… so that she can cook it for dinner.

Anyway, Jay thought that I could crochet the fabric to upholster this since he didn’t have any idea what the size requirements were for the pattern I bought. I know that I’m not going to have time to crochet a cover for this. Not going to happen.

Cat Couch - Side - 4-15-19

I stared at it. And thought about it. And cleared some room on my mind’s workbench… and came up with a plan. I’ve requested a few minor adjustments to the frame and then I’ll apply foam and upholster it. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some remnants that were in my price range (I’m not paying $60/yard!).

Upholstery Remnants

They are kind of plain, but they were cheap and went well together. As you can tell, my standards for a Cat Couch are pretty low.

Cat Couch - Fabric Choices

This won’t even be touched until after Easter, but I think I have all of the materials ready to go. I shouldn’t be able to come up with any excuses as to why I can’t work on it. And who knows, maybe it will be the first piece of furniture that we’ve built for the cats that they will actually use!

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