Jewelry Armoire Update 3-8-19

Jewelry Armoire - Stained Doors - Inside

Last week I showed you the inside of the jewelry armoire doors. They turned out okay, but I think that the front of the doors turned out even better. Take a look…

Jewelry Armoire Finished Doors 3-7-19

I looked for the hardware to see if I could show you how it looked, but I have no idea where Jay has them stashed.

Jay transferred the cabinet body to my bench for me this week.

Jewelry Armoire on Bench 3-7-19

I started sanding on it last night, but then I had to stop.

I was slightly grumpy and really didn’t feel like being in the cold basement sanding anything. So I stopped. After all, I knew that if I kept going while being grumpy then I wouldn’t do the best job that I could. I would call it good enough and then later I would be unhappy with it. So, I stopped and came upstairs. I will work on it this weekend. I promise.

Jewelry Armoire Body 3-7-19

This is going to require a lot of patience on my part because the shelves are very close together so I am going to have a difficult time working on them. *sigh* That’s why I need to be in a better mood to work on it. The weather is suppose to improve this weekend (the temperature is supposed to be above freezing! It’s a heat wave!!), so I will be a little happier working in the basement.

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