Magnifying Glass Stand

A few years ago Jay had made a hands-free magnifying glass holder for his mom. His aunt saw it and thought that it would work really well for her friends. She asked Jay if he could make a personalized one for them and he said sure. Then he forgot about it, life got busy, his CNC router had to be torn apart, then it was reassembled and finally he managed to get the stand done last week. Better late than never, right?

A heart was requested with their names and year on it.

Magnifying Stand Base - Unfinished

Thank goodness their names weren’t Susquehanna and Johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt because that would have been a HUGE heart!

I pulled out the sand paper and did the finishing sanding to it. Jay requested a light stain. After trying three samples we went with a cherry. Once that was dried we put two coats of poly on it and filled in the letters with acrylic paint. After that was dry I did the clean up work on it and applied one more coat of poly.

Magnifying Stand Base - Finished

The red and white colors were requested due to their Polish heritage. I think that it turned out really nice, don’t you? Once QC had approved it, the heart traveled on to assembly.

Magnifying Stand Hardware

All it required was an aluminum bracket and the magnifying glass.

Magnifying Stand Side

Voila! A hands-free magnifying glass stand. The bracket can be bent to re-position the magnifying glass as needed.

Magnifying Stand Top

I believe that Jay also added some LEDs to his mom’s magnifying glass, but this is just the Plain Jane model. His aunt was happy and that’s all that matters.


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