Spring Cross – Framed

I’m sad to see this series at an end. This is what it looked like before I framed it:

Spring Cross 11-1-18

I told you that I went with mats that were much different than what I typically would pick. However, I think that they really set this piece off very well. Are you ready?

Spring Cross Framed 12-8-18

Sorry about the reflection. I couldn’t find a place where I wasn’t getting something reflected in the glass. If I wasn’t so cheap I would get the non-reflective glass (which is REALLY neat, but it adds about $60 to the cost of the glass). The inside mat is a soft yellow and the outside is a coral color. You can’t tell in this picture, but the frame is a brownish gray, which really goes great with all of the gray in the cross.

Since this ends my Cross series, I’ll repost all of them.

Christmas/Winter Cross:

Winter Cross Framed 4-18-15

Summer Cross:

Summer Cross Framed 8-16-16

Autumn Cross:

Autumn Cross Framed 2-3-18

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