Dreaming of Summer!

Red Roses 6-8-18

Literally. Winter has barely reared its ugly head (and technically we’re still in the Autumn season) and already I’m dreaming of roses in summer. Kind of.

I dreamed that I was walking around my neighborhood garden center.

Garden Decor

I turned a corner and they had a rose bush that was marked down to $.90!! I knew that I had a dollar bill in my purse, so I scooped it up. It was a climbing rose that had some buds on it so I could see the colors. It was an usual bush as it had both peach and blue blossoms (no, there aren’t any actual blue roses… they are all various shades of purple).

Purple Roses - Biltmore 7-6-17

Some were a deep peach and the others were a periwinkle blue (although they called it delft blue). The problem I had is that it’s essentially winter so I can’t plant a rose bush right now. How was I going to keep it alive until at least April? I figured that as long as I kept it watered and in sunlight it should be okay. I talked to somebody at the nursery and they told me what nutrients to give it to keep it happy without encouraging it to grow.

Boogart's Rose Bush 6-3-16

I spent the next twenty minutes walking around trying to find the stuff that he had suggested, but all I found was candy. And it was a lot of sponge candy that I can’t eat. *sigh* Finally I gave up and decided that I would just go home and order the stuff online.

As I was driving home (again, this is all still in my dream) I realized that I don’t really have a good spot to keep it in my house all winter. Besides trying to keep the cats from eating it, I would have to find a window that would get enough sun. Since I don’t have any good South-facing windows I decided I would have to ask my mom to keep it for me as it would go perfectly in front of her patio doors.

Snow Pet Peeves

Inside. Not outside in the snow. That was the end of the dream.


I did have another dream that was odd. Even for me.

I dreamed that I had reached down to scratch my foot, but when I pulled my hand back my toe had come off! I held my toe in my fingers! I looked down and it wasn’t bleeding, but I thought it was odd that it would just fall off like that. I know that when you dream about your teeth falling out it means that you’re feeling insecure, but what does it mean when you dream about your toes falling off?

Hurt Toe 4-6-12

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