Milling A Steam Engine – Part 2

In case you have forgotten, this is what Jay was milling:

Website Picture

Now, I had left it up to Jay to take pictures of his progress so that I could post them here. However, when I saw what he had taken none of them really made sense to me. For instance, here is the next progress picture:

Steam Engine 12

And so we have parts. Let’s take a closer look.

Steam Engine 13

Oh yes. Very beautiful!

Aren’t you impressed? Then, of course, we have this:

Steam Engine 14

It is a bar that was colored black. For most of this post you can imagine me looking at these and nodding in approval, but I really have no clue what I’m looking at.

Steam Engine 15

Then there is this beautifully milled connector. It’s absolutely breath-taking!

Steam Engine 16

Ah ha! The plot thickens! The bar is now marked and possibly cut. What will become of this poor little part??

Steam Engine 17

We don’t know because suddenly we find ourselves looking at the lathe. With another part… hmmm… maybe the next picture will give us a little more detail.

Steam Engine 18

Well, that didn’t work. It’s nice and shiny, but I don’t think that’s what we’re supposed to notice. This is why a girl shouldn’t post about these things.

Steam Engine 19

It looks like we’ve milled a hole through the center of the block and are possibly cutting layers off of the hammer’s shaft.

Steam Engine 20

Maybe the hammer thing is actually a piston thing? It looks like it will be moving up and down in a fashion that will end up turning the fly wheel.

Steam Engine 21

This is a little better. You can see that the hammer head has now been milled and turned into what kind-of looks like a saddle stirrup.

Steam Engine 22

All of those pieces put together gives us this much of the steam engine.

Now, because Jay is too involved in his hobby and not worried about taking pictures of his progress we are going to skip to the end.

Voila! A completed steam engine!

Steam Engine 23

I placed the beer next to it so that you can get an idea of the size. It’s really just a little guy.

Steam Engine 24

This picture isn’t the greatest, but you can kind of see the detail. When he finished the engine Jay was using this air compressor to run it. That only placated him for a little while. Then this showed up:

Boiler 3

This is the boiler for the steam engine.

There are no progress pictures of this because he was much too excited to put it together.

Boiler 1

He hand-riveted it and everything.

Steam Engine and Boiler

I believe that Jay has already burned through all of the bricks that came with the kit.

He is already making a list of other engines he would like for Christmas.

In the meantime, he has built a platform on which to display these two pieces:

Steam Engine Display Base

Quite pretty, isn’t it?

So, there you have the steam engine.

Nice job, Jay!

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