The Basement Project – Final Day

It was here! The final day of this project. I couldn’t wait to have a dry basement!

Bsmnt - Day 3 - South Wall

This was definitely an improvement, but it was almost finished!

Day 4 was concrete day. These guys mixed it in the basement using the bags that you can see in the picture above. Jay said that they used a mortar mixing basin, which I informed him is what my mom had used as a litter tray for Bob and his siblings when they showed up at our house almost 13 years ago. How about that useless trivia?!

Bsmnt - Day 4 - South Wall

I am still not impressed with that stuff on the wall, but if it works I guess that’s what matters the most. It is nice to have the floor closed up again.

Bsmnt - Day 4 - West Wall

Those pipe caps are kind of in an inconvenient location, too. But if it keeps the basement dry, then we’ll work around it.

Bsmnt - Day 4 - Northish Wall

The guys did a nice job of smoothing out the concrete. I didn’t see any trowel marks in it at all. And I looked!

Bsmnt - Day 4 - Sump Pump

And the newly covered sump pump pit! I like the blue lid. As I was taking pictures it actually kicked on. I only knew it because I heard just the slightest of sounds and I saw the pipe move. Very impressive. What REALLY impressed me was this:

Bsmnt - Day 4 - Pump Corner

Yes, I should listen to and trust Jay. He is right a lot of the time. But don’t tell him I said that because I don’t need his ego to expand any more than it already is. We’ll have to widen all of the doorways in the house if that happens.

Of course, after this project was finished the weather turned really humid and the concrete started to sweat as it was setting. We dug out the dehumidifier and it’s been going steadily ever since. The concrete stopped sweating and is curing up really nice. Jay has started to move things back into place and is working on a better dust collecting system for his machines.

Oh, and the owner of the company stopped back in that evening after the guys had finished up and left. He wanted to see how it had come out. I’m not sure what all was said between him and Jay, and whether Jay pointed out how ugly the plastic stuff is, but it was impressive that he stopped in to do a final check. This system has a warranty that covers us and also whoever buys the house after we leave. Since the completion of the project we haven’t received the kind of rain storm that would have left the basement soaked, but I look forward to seeing how this system handles it. I still go down there and look for leakages, but so far have not found any. Thank goodness!

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1 Response to The Basement Project – Final Day

  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    Hooray for progress! (And no more leaks!)

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