The Basement Project – Day 2

Bsmnt - Day 1 - South Wall

This is how the basement looked at the end of the first day. It was a little scary because now we were committed. Yikes!

Day 2 found us looking like this:

Bsmnt - Day 2 - South Wall

The guys had installed the expensive carbon fiber straps that will now keep the wall from continuing to move, and they filled in the cracks with their epoxy filler.

Bsmnt - Day 2 - Carbon Fiber Braces

Look at these lovely cracks that we had over in the corner.

Bsmnt - Day 2 - Pipes

They managed to clean up a little more of the concrete around the pipes, but you can see that there was still standing water.

Bsmnt - Day 2 - West Wall

The other corner was still a bit messy.

Bsmnt - Day 2 - Sump Pump

They dug the hole for the basket in which the sump pump sits, and added a bunch of pipe to this area. To be completely honest, I was a little concerned with this corner.

Bsmnt - Day 2 - Sump Pump Exit

I mean, look how far away from the wall that hose hangs! Usually I’m not too worried about how the basement looks, but that is just unsightly. I don’t care that the spot where they placed the air vent for it in the yard is a bit ugly. That will eventually be covered up with grass. But this hose sticking so far out was just ugly. Jay reassured me they would take care of it. They had better!

Thus ended the second day of the project.

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