Project Linus – March 2018

My crochet hook has been busy. I finished my 9th blanket for Project Linus in January:

Project Linus Blanket #9 Jan 2018 - Coffee House

“Coffee Shop”

Why do I call this ‘Coffee Shop’? Well, let’s start at the bottom and work our way up..

You start with a bit of black coffee, followed by an iced mocha (the blue are the ice cubes), then a little more black coffee, then the espresso and a vanilla latte. What is the variegated middle part? Why, those are the coffee grounds all over the counters and floor! Then you work your way backwards again down the menu. It’s making me thirsty!

Project Linus Blanket #9 Detail

Jay was unsure of the blue when I started it, but after I finished the blanket he said that it actually worked pretty well. I think so!

Project Linus Blanket #9

Project Linus Blanket #10:

Project Linus Blanket #10 3-17-18 - Farm Boy

“Farm Boy”

When I picked out the colors for this one I was calling it ‘Painted Desert’ because that’s what the colors reminded me of, but as I crocheted I knew that wasn’t the name. When I got to the burgundy stripe I knew that this was going to be ‘Farm Boy’. You see, the blue and burgundy reminded me of a boy’s jeans and t-shirt. And what do little boys like to do? They get dirty! On a farm there is a LOT of dirt and other stuff to get into, so that’s how the name evolved.

Project Linus Blanket #10 Detail

As I was crocheting the variegated part all I pictured was a little boy jumping in mud puddles and crawling through the dirt. I hope that some little boy likes this blanket, but not enough to get it filthy!

Project Linus Blanket #10

Now onto the next one!


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