Spring Cross Update 3-6-18

I promised that I would show you what this cross will look like when I’m done.

Spring Cross

Isn’t it pretty??! No, there aren’t any roses in it, but you have sunny happy flowers! In my eyes they are much better than pumpkins and acorns!

The last time I shared this project with you this is what I had done:

Spring Cross 2-21-18

The daffodil was fully stitched (not back-stitched) and I was working on the purple flowers to the right.

Here is where it stands:

Spring Cross 3-6-18

I have filled in a little green and am working on the purple to the right of the daffodil. I have also moved my fabric on my Qsnap so that I can work more towards the right side of the pattern.

I realized the other day that on this cross I’ve just started working on the right side of the cross without even thinking about it. On the other three crosses I worked towards the left and then went clockwise around them. I start working on the last one and suddenly I’m going backwards!

Either way, it makes me happy to be working with pretty colors again. 🙂

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