Ultra Stick Project #3

Yes, it’s been a few weeks. Despite the fact that life gets in the way and I haven’t had a chance to update my blog, the Ultra Stick keeps growing…

Ultra Stick - Rough Framing 9-27-17

When I first saw the Ultra Stick like this I thought that Jay was doing a new kind of pin-striping with the blue tape. It was different, but I liked it. That’s when I was informed that the tape was merely holding the pieces together that would be hinged. Ahhhh! Okay, I understand now!

Ultra Stick - Hinged Tail 10-16-17

Luckily it didn’t take Jay very long to get the hinge pins installed.

Ultra Stick - Hinged Rudder 10-16-17

With any kind of luck the Ultra Stick won’t lose it and become unhinged! Hehehe

Ultra Stick - Wingtip 10-16-17

Next on deck were the wing tips. Not the shoes. I don’t think that I could get Jay to wear a pair of wingtips even if I wanted him too. He is all about airplane wingtips, though.

Ultra Stick - Wings 10-16-17

There is not a mirror in this picture. The wings really are mirror images of each other. Jay did a pretty good job of designing and cutting this out, didn’t he? Which is a good skill to have when your wife asks you to make something and gives you a drawing that is just a few lines and scribbles. He has to decipher my drawings quite often. Let’s just say that in school the only two classes that brought down my GPA were Art and Gym. *sigh*

Ultra Stick - Capped Wing Ribs 10-16-17

Once you have your wings hinged, what do you need to do next? Yes, you refill your beer mug. Then what? That’s right! Servos!

Ultra Stick - Servo Cross Braces 10-16-17

Make sure that you have at least one of the servos that will be used, on hand. This way you can use it to make sure the joists upon which they will sit are at the correct spacing. This is one time where the rule of ’16” on center’ does NOT apply. (As an aside… is it sad that a girl knows this rule?)

Ultra Stick - Rudder Servo - 10-22-17

Perfectly spaced servo joists.

Ultra Stick - Tail Servo - 10-22-17

A beautifully installed tail servo.

Ultra Stick - Sheeted Wing 10-16-17

An interesting detail here is that Jay made sure to incorporate holes for the servo extensions. Also, he made sure to create holes for the bolts that will hold the wings in place. There won’t be any rubber bands holding this wing down!

Ultra Stick - Nose Lid 10-16-17

At first I looked at this picture and wondered why it was taken. Then I realized that it’s sitting on Jay’s router table. He used it to make nicely-shaped edges.

Ultra Stick - Sheeted Fuselage 10-16-17

Isn’t it pretty?

Ultra Stick - Naked 10-21-17

This is the sight that greeted me one morning when I went down to empty the dehumidifier. It made me giggle because Jay was getting ready to cover it (thus the rolls of covering on the bench), but he just HAD to see the fuselage with landing gear, motor and propeller installed.

Ultra Stick - Tail Wheel 10-22-17

He even included the tail wheel!

Ultra Stick - Propped - 10-21-17

That’s quite the prop!

Ultra Stick - Hacker Motor - 10-22-17

I was very impressed with the choice of motor, though. If you don’t recognize this beautiful purple motor… it’s a Hacker. They are wonderful motors. I think that he took this one off of his Texan that he’s only flown a few times.

Ultra Stick - Motor Mount - 10-21-17

He’s got really nice lines on this plane. It should cover like a dream!

Ultra Stick - Wing Saddle 10-16-17

We are on the downhill side of this project now!

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