Autumn Cross Update – 10-15-17

I haven’t spent a lot of time cross stitching because it seems like I’ve found other ways to occupy my time in the mornings. Despite all of that I have managed to make a little bit of progress on my Autumn Cross.

Here it was at the end of August:

Autumn Cross 8-12-17

All of the full cross stitching was done on the left half and I had just finished the back-stitched words. Now I was ready to move on to all of the back stitching on the actual cross.

Here it is on October 15th after the outlining was finished:

Autumn Cross 10-15-17

I’ve left this picture big so that you can see it better.

There is a lot of orange and yellow in there! I did change up one of the outlining colors. The acorns were supposed to be outlined in black, but when I tried it I thought it was much too stark and bold against everything else. So I changed it to a dark steel gray. The outlining is still very visible, but it’s not slap-you-in-the-face bold like it was with the black.

As I’ve mentioned before, Fall is not my favorite season and I really haven’t looked forward to stitching this cross. However, when I step back and really look at it I can admit that it’s just as beautiful as my other crosses.

I am now working on the bottom leg of the cross. This will probably take me a while because I have other projects going on, too. Since I’m on the home stretch I’ve been thinking about what type of frame I want to use. My other crosses have elegant and beautiful frames:

Summer Cross Framed 8-16-16

Winter Cross Framed 4-18-15

I think that I’m going to go with a lighter and slightly rougher-looking frame. Perhaps almost a barn wood-looking frame. What do you think? I won’t know what color of matting I will use until it is complete and I can look at it in total, with the frame. At this rate I won’t have to worry about any of that until the spring!

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