Crochet – Prayer Shawl #2

After finishing the first prayer shawl I decided that I wanted to give another pattern a try.

Again, I made a masculine shawl with a variegated yarn. It doesn’t contain any of my favorite colors, but the pattern was very easy to follow. It was a row of single crochet followed by a row of double crochet and chain stitches. Bob was jealous that Chester helped to model the first shawl so he made sure to get in on this picture.

This one had a more open weave so it wasn’t as heavy and dense as the first one.

I hope whoever receives it likes it.

Apparently I had purchased a few extra skeins, so I think that I’m going to use them in the next afghan that I crochet for Project Linus. In the latest update they said they need more boyish afghans, and I think these colors will work with a few other ones that I have in my stash. If not, I can always run to Hobby Lobby. 😉

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