Autumn Cross Update – 5-18-17

I forgot to post an update last month so I’ll post two update pictures today.

Here is what I had completed as of 3-22-17:

I had all of the cross stitching done on this part of the cross. The next step was to do the background lettering.

This is my update as of 4-18-17:

So far so good. After the lettering is done I then go back and do the back stitching for this part of the project. I completed that on 5-18-17:

Now I get to start on the left side of this part of the cross.

In the meantime I also worked on a sewing project for my cross stitch. I was tired of dealing with all the extra fabric that is required for these crosses.

I use a Q-snap for my frame, which I love, but there’s always a lot of extra fabric to deal with. Plus I decided that I should probably make some new Q-snap clamp helpers.

That’s what I call the pieces of fabric that I use under the clamps to 1) keep them tighter on the cross stitching fabric and b) I pull on the fabric to remove the clamps when I need to move my piece in the frame.

Using some scraps from my material I cut four piece and serged along the edges. I don’t use needle minders, either. When I need to place my needle somewhere it always goes in the top Q-snap helper along the edge. This way when I pick up my frame I always know which side is the top.

Then I made what is referred to as a grime guard:

I followed a set of directions that I found online. It worked out okay, but I think next time I’m going to make it slightly wider and perhaps a little longer. This works, but it’s a bit snug. It’s doing the job of keeping my fabric under control, so that’s all I care about!

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