Egads! It’s A Spad! Part 15

(Before I get started on this post I need to set the mood. You know how in the Chick Flicks there’s usually some kind of sappy music going on during the montage where the lead girl is undergoing her Ugly Duckling to Swan change? They remove her glasses, give her better fitting clothes and add some makeup? Well, imagine that kind of music playing in the background as you continue to read…)

So there sat Chad in the buff. If his rudder had been attached it would have been wagging all over the place due to his anticipation of getting to finally get dressed up.

First he got his layer of underwear. He was worried that it was too shiny.

I told him that a little powder would fix it.

All of his parts received their layer of underwear.

Poor Chad was embarrassed by this picture, but he was kind of like a turtle on its back so he couldn’t wave me off. Look at that cute belly!

His landing gear was even given a little color and polish.

As the flight suit started to be applied Chad was nervous. What if it didn’t look as good as he hoped? What if it accentuated all of his problem parts? What if it made him look fat??

Then he was really nervous when only part of his nose was painted. He didn’t want a blemish on his face!

“I don’t know, guys… does this color make me look like an elephant? Should I have gone with a more slimming color?”

And then it was done and boy, did he look dapper!

“Don’t I look awesome?! Guess what ferocious animal I feel like!” he excitedly blabbered at me. So I guessed…

Like Bob with the white under his chin and accenting his paws??

Chad was disgusted. He actually took offense! How could you be offended by a comparison to an adorable Bobs?

I mean, it’s very hard to get more adorable than this!

“No!” he sputtered. “I’m an A-1 Skyraider. It means that I’m an attack plane! The only thing that Bob attacks is a nap! This is what I think I look like:

Picture courtesy of

Hmmm… if I squint a little I can see it. To calm Chad down a bit I agreed. Although, I know that he’s cuddly like Bob. But that will be our little secret. Shhh!

Chad was proud to show off the fact that his control surfaces were accented with a different color. He is feeling really stylish.

He even wiggled his ailerons to show me how great they looked with the accent color.

The bad part about Chad having his flight suit on is that now it’s time to get into the more expensive parts… the motor, batteries and other electronic guts. I can hear the bank account crying already.

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