Egads! It’s a Spad! Part 13

The last time that we checked in with Chad he was starting to get his parts glassed.

I decided to head down to the workshop and see what was going on. As I turned the corner at the bottom of the steps I started to get angry. Jay said that he was working on Chad and what do I find? A surf board! We don’t even live near the ocean!

Ziroli A-1 Fiberglassed Wing

Wait a minute… that’s a weirdly shaped surf board. Hmmm… perhaps I’ve incorrectly identified this object. Let’s get a different perspective on it.

Ziroli A-1 Wing Glassed 3-31-17

Oops! It is the Spad wing! Not a surf board!

I know that you can’t tell from this picture just how long that wing is, but believe me it’s taking up a lot of space!

As you can see Jay has fiber glassed it, squeegeed the bondo onto it, and sanded it off. I think there’s primer on there that was sanded off, too, but don’t quote me. I’m not too sure of the process. All I know is that it stinks. And when the parts are rinsed in my tub it leaves a reddish residue.

I turned and looked toward Chad’s main body

Ziroli A-1 Spad Getting Glassed 3-31-17

Oh no! He’s getting a chemical peel! Chad, I know that some celebrities swear by their chemical peels, but your skin isn’t that bad! Minor flaws just give you character!

Ziroli A-1 Fuselage Glassing 3-31-17

Then I realized that he was getting skin put ON, not taken off! Phew! I thought I might have to sit him down and discuss his self-esteem issues. We are all made in certain ways so we should embrace our imperfections.

Chad really needs to do something about his pores, though. There are imperfections and then there are things that just need to be fixed!

Ziroli A-1 Fiberglass Skin 4-2-17

Glassed parts are every where in the basement.

Ziroli A-1 Misc Glassed Parts 4-2-17

Or else Jay found my Press & Seal wrap…

While I was visiting Chad I had to promise him that I wouldn’t hurt him. Ever since there was a little mishap with his friend Pete the Panther he’s been a little nervous around me. You see, Pete was once a Panther, but now he’s a Bobcat..

Panther Tail Mishap 3-31-17

I accidentally lopped off his tail when I was trying to get at something behind him. A box of balsa tipped and took his tail clean off! I guess that Chad is a little worried that I might accidentally take something off of him, too!

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