Still So Busy…

I have taken some pictures and I intend on posting about Chad the Spad soon. Plus I have some other posts that I want to write. However, work has been busy and my weekends seem to be taken up with all kinds of activity. It doesn’t leave much time for anything. In fact, I need to work on an article for our church newsletter that talks about the process of making the advent wreath stand. But I haven’t had time! I’m still doing all of the work for my department so I’m putting in lots of overtime. And no, I don’t get paid for it because I’m salaried.

Well, yesterday we were informed that we had to get our pictures taken for some stupid reason at work. I was in the middle of doing fifty things when the busy-body of our department told me that I had to go get my picture taken right now so that the lady could finish up the photo session. Well, here’s my picture:

me-1-16-17It’s okay if you laughed out loud because I do every time I see it. Can you tell that I’m a bit peeved and the last thing I want to be doing is getting my picture taken? This is why I can’t lie… I can’t keep it off of my face.

So, even though I look like I want to punch somebody in the face (that’s exactly what I was thinking…) it made me laugh so I guess that is okay.

If you’re curious, I had two more days to get my picture taken. I had the lady re-take it this morning before I even looked at my email.

So, please bear with me as you wait for me to update my blog. When I’ve had days like this (the picture was taken at 11:00 yesterday morning!!) I get home and want to do absolutely nothing. Jay had to work 3rd shift, though, so I spent my evening cleaning up the kitchen. It badly needed it. Very badly.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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