Epiphany Concert and Exhaustion

This past weekend we had an Epiphany concert at church. The choir sang songs of the season and we had a few solo singers who added to the festivities. The turn-out was smaller than we had hoped, but we had football play-off games happening on top of the fact that the weather was blowing a blizzard!

We were told to wear red, black or gold and to put on the glitz. Well, I don’t have a lot of red, but I can do glitz!

kerry-3This jacket really isn’t very flattering as it sits on top of my ample endowment. I keep it, though, because it’s gold and glistens. You can’t tell, but I’m wearing the dress that I wore in my sister’s wedding, which has black sequins all over it. I think that this dress has been quite a good investment! My friend Patty helped me pick it out.

kerry-and-pattyPatty sings alto with me in the choir. Both her and her husband, Dave, are wonderful people. Jay and I have truly been blessed to be able to call them friends.

dave-pAs you can see, Dave was very excited about taking home some poinsettias. I didn’t grab any because I know the cats would chew on them.

I’ve been told that we did a great job. I sure hope so because my throat was all gravely the next day. Apparently I tried to push my voice too hard. When you are only one of four altos battling against the entire rest of the choir, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Karen attended the concert and then provided me with the pictures for this post.

kerry-and-karenPeople were getting impatient with us because we were hogging the Christmas trees for our backdrop. Every time they thought we were done I was being told to stand with somebody else for another picture. The thing is that I don’t like my picture being taken (despite what my sister may claim!) because when I look at them all I see are my flaws. I’m sure that everybody does the same thing, right?

Sunday morning I was teasing Brandon, our choir director, that I’m going to drop out of choir this year so that I can join the Prayer Shawl Ministry. They meet at the same time as choir practice, so I can’t do both. He just laughed. Apparently I’ve teased him with that one too many times that he doesn’t believe me anymore.

I guess I will have to stop teasing him. As we were singing on Sunday I felt happy, fulfilled and full of the spirit. There’s something to be said about making beautiful harmony as a group. Music is part of who I am, even if I don’t always get the chance to sit down at the piano.

Epiphany is not only about the gifts that the Magi brought to Jesus, but also about the gifts that you bring as well. God has given you talent of some sort; use it! I can’t draw a stick-figure to save my life and I am not a social butterfly, but I can make music. So on this Epiphany I decided that no longer was I going to tease about quitting choir. I have been given a gift and so I will use it for His purposes. If that means singing in the choir to perhaps move somebody sitting in the pew on Sunday morning, then that’s what I’m going to do. I wouldn’t tease about throwing away one of the quilts that my mom made for me so why should I tease about keeping my music all to myself?

Besides, if I were to drop out of choir who would misbehave with Chrissy during practice??

me-and-chrissy-sAnd now, after all of that, Exhaustion… thy name is Kerry!

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