Project Linus Blanket #2


Project Linus Blanket #2:

Blanket # 2 – My First Ripple

As crocheting goes, this blanket was easy to work on as long as I kept count of my stitches. There were a few times that I miscounted and had to rip out what I had already done. I really enjoyed working on this one so much that I think I’m going to make a few more ripples.

project-linus-blanket-2-11-19-16-new-viewMy only issue with this finished blanket is that I didn’t feel like it was wide enough. Here you can see that it’s about as wide as my kitchen counter. This will make a good baby blanket, but that’s about it. I have another pattern that makes a larger blanket so I’m going to attempt that one next. I just have to decide what colors I want to use.

yarn-haul-from-babes-closetConsidering I’m not lacking for yarn at all…

There was one more thing that I noticed after finishing this blanket:

tarnished-crochet-hook-11-19-16Apparently not only do I tarnish my cross stitch needles, but I also tarnish crochet hooks.

back-of-tarnished-crochet-hook-11-19-16The next time I’m at Hobby Lobby I may have to use my 40% off coupon to buy a hook in this size that has the padded handle. Also, the padded handle will help to keep the carpal tunnel symptoms to a minimum.

Now on to blanket #3…

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