Dream – Fabric Shopping In A Flood…

Yes, I was actually sleeping!

Yes, I was actually sleeping!

It’s been a while so I thought that I would share a few of the dreams that I’ve had lately. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the odd trip into my head…


Little Me

I had a friend who was pregnant and she said that they were having a girl. They went back and forth on names, but finally decided on Lillian Rose. Not bad. Except… the baby ended up being a boy. I’m not sure what they named him!


Me and Jay

It was summer and I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was actually living out CW McCall’s song “Four Wheel Drive” with CW McCall in the back of the jeep singing the song. I wasn’t driving, and I’m not sure who my partner in crime was, but at one point I looked back and we had a HUGE pack of police cars behind us. Their lights were going and they were kicking up all kinds of dust. I laughed and told the driver, “Okay, enough playing in third gear. Let’s lay the hammer down and let ‘er go!” Gears were grinding and then we shot away from that pack like we had finally let the dog off of the chain. We veered into a wooded area where I hopped out of the jeep and waved goodbye as they took off… the music fading away… I turned and found a black Trans Am with the T-top open. I hopped into the back seat and before I knew it we were taking off again. The woman in the passenger seat was being all moody about breaking off her wedding and the driver was just trying to ignore her as he was out-running the cops. It was quite the ride!

Then I believe that Jay and I were celebrating our anniversary so we decided to take a little trip. It was warm weather so we were either in San Diego or down south somewhere. We were staying at a very fancy hotel with a huge marble patio out front. The problem was that the nearby river had flooded so in order to get anywhere you had to walk through 8-12 inches of water! This didn’t deter us because we had brought our boat with us. Yes, apparently we had a boat. It was just a little guy, nothing big, and it was painted in a Miami Dolphins paint scheme. Which is weird because I no longer follow the NFL so I don’t claim the Dolphins as my team anymore. I suppose that if I had to choose one of the two teams that Jay likes I would pick the Packers over the Patriots every single day of the week. But in this dream we went with the Dolphins.

We decided to do some sight-seeing so Jay had the valet go get his car, with the boat hitched on. As it came around the corner Jay was incensed! The boat had a giant scratch down the side of it! The valet had run it into something, but had luckily not done any damage to Jay’s Highlander. Jay read the guy the riot act and the manager promised to pay for repairs. That settled Jay down a little.

As we went driving about I saw a fabric shop on a hill. Apparently I had seen ads for this place and heard reviews about it because I asked Jay if we could please stop. The room that I entered was filled with bolts of organza, satin and silk. There were fancy trimmings hanging here and there with a few models on mannequin torsos. They were so beautiful but I didn’t dare touch any of them! As I walked around I saw all different types of fabrics that I’ve heard about but never seen in person. The bad thing was that everything was  really pricey! As I continued to walk around Jay decided that he was going to go sit in the car. I told him that I wouldn’t be long (HA!).

I walked around the corner into a room with a bunch of knit fabric. Then I found some elastic edging and started checking it out. I thought that perhaps I could use it to redo the straps on my favorite white tank top. Just then the owner of the shop came around and started helping me. She gave me a better trim to use as straps and told me that it was marked down just to get rid of it. Bonus! As I was looking at the jersey knits and wondering if it would be the height of insanity to pay $22/yd for it a Siamese cat came into the room. I bent down to pet her and the lady said that this was her cat who ruled the shop. Except, I noticed that the poor cat had some cuts in her skin and you could see the muscle beneath. It wasn’t bleeding, but it looked painful. The woman said that the cat had pissed off the turtle one too many times and that is what happened. Apparently this wasn’t the first time. I don’t want to see the turtle that can do that! It was at this point that I realized I had spent over an hour in this shop just walking around! I didn’t want to leave Jay out in the car anymore so I broke down and bought a yard of the $22/yd material and the straps that the woman had helped me to find. Then I woke up. Weird!

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