Dresses for Missions Update – 10-12-16

Now that the weather has cooled a bit and my sewing room isn’t oppressively hot I’ve actually managed to get a few more dresses made.

Dress #33  10-1-16

dress-33-10-1-16This dress has been in my head since I bought the material this spring. All I had to do was just sew it together. Yet, when I actually sat down to work on it I felt no motivation! Typically when I want to make a dress I have a hard time deciding what material to use, then what color trim? After I have those down then I stare at my lace and ribbons for a while trying to come up with a good combination to make it pretty without being too much. This dress was difficult because it just would not come together for me. The fabric was easy, but trimming it was hard! Nothing jumped out. Nothing said, “Pick me! Pick me!” It is the anticipation of trimming out the dress that motivates me to get it done. Not this one. It finally came together, though.

dress-33-hem-detail-10-1-16I think that it was this little pom-pom trim that really messed me up. I didn’t feel like I could use lace or sparkly ribbon on the rest of it with this hanging out there. Don’t get me wrong, it looks adorable! I guess that I’m more of a lace kind of girl.

Which is probably why the next dress was a bit easier to put together.

Dress #34  10-8-16

dress-34-10-8-16I had originally purchased this material to possibly be used as a gift for my sister’s step-daughter. I didn’t end up using it, so it’s been sitting on my fabric shelf for almost a year. I really don’t care for animal prints, but I think that the big roses helped me past the animal-print look that it has going on.

dress-34-hem-detail-10-8-16Plus I had a really long length of this lace with the hearts in it and I just knew it had to go on the ruffle. Plus… a sparkly ribbon. Does it get any better than that?

dress-34-neck-detail-10-8-16Yes, yes it does… More lacey hearts and sparkly ribbon! Because the print was so busy I didn’t really want to distract your eye too much. I felt that the sparkly ribbon would be enough to add some bling without being in-your-face. I then added the lace trim to help tie in the ribbon on the hem. This one actually turned out way cuter than I had expected!

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