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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on our various home projects that we have constantly in progress. The last time I posted a picture of the shed it looked like this:

Shed - Assembled - 8-21-16Jay kept telling everybody that I always picked the hottest days of the summer to paint the shed. I couldn’t help it! It needed to be done and I only had the weekends to do it. I did one coat of the gray, then I primed and painted the trim. All in told it took me about 18 hours to completely finish it, but I think it was worth it:

shed-finished-10-5-16After we finally received some rain the grass started growing and now it looks like the shed has always been there. Jay was upset that the grass started to grow because he only had to mow the lawn twice the entire summer. It doesn’t take very long to mow our yard, but it’s one chore that Jay really doesn’t like. The week after Jay had his gall bladder removed I mowed the lawn and my sinuses paid for it! I was all stuffed up the next five days!

While Jay was recovering from his surgery he did manage to hang a project that had technically been done for a few months:

spice-rack-10-9-16I had been telling him that I needed to find a way to better organize my spice cupboard. It was a mess! Well, when he was looking through a magazine with storage ideas for small spaces he saw a spice rack and decided to make me one. It works great and now I can find things without knocking bottles over or having to take half of it out so that I can see in the back. It’s amazing how a small thing can make a person happier.

Speaking of small things…

deodorant-holder-2-10-9-16How about that! Now, before you start laughing or wondering what this is all about let me set the scene for you. Whoever invented the stick of deodorant was onto a good idea, but they didn’t think it all the way through. As you use it the container gets top-heavy and is easily knocked over. Now, if you are a clod like me then all you have to do is look at it and the deodorant falls over. It’s one of those first-world problems, I know, but it’s very irritating when you’re reaching for something on the shelf above and just the slight breeze of your hand passing by causes the deodorant to topple. I feel like I’m constantly picking it up, and just as I set it down it topples again… this time taking its buddy with it.

So, like most things, I asked Jay, “Sweetie, would it be possible…” and he makes it happen. Even when I’m not very good at really explaining what it is that I want he still manages to make it happen! It’s a good thing that he knows me so well. I still need to finish the deodorant holder, but I’m so excited to have it ready to install!

So that’s what we’ve been up to, at least some of what we’ve been up to. We are currently working on quite a large project for our church. I will show you pictures of that as we get further along in the process. I’m really nervous about this one because it needs to be perfect and I’m not good at obtaining perfection. So stay tuned for those posts!

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