Dresses for Missions Update 5-8-16

Singer 301A CoverMy poor sewing machine! It has been so neglected that I think it probably feels like it’s been forgotten. It really hasn’t! I just haven’t had time to get up here and do some sewing.

Although, I did make a little bit of time for it a few weekends ago.


Dress #30 4-24-16Dress #30 – 4-24-16

I actually purchased this material last summer, but I’ve just now finally had a chance to do something with it. This is material that I managed to get at Wal-Mart for $1/yard! I bought all that was left on the bolt… 10 yards!

I’d been dreaming about using it as I wanted to see just how cute it would turn out. The great thing is that I didn’t add any embellishments to it. I thought that it was busy enough without adding more to it. I made this one big enough that it should fit an older girl in her teens. I’ve been told that they could use more in that size. Ask and you shall receive! Hopefully I can get more sewn before too long.

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