Fleece Blankets for Charity – 4-24-16

Fleece Ready for BlanketsIn a previous post I had mentioned that I wanted to continue crocheting, but I had decided that I would make slightly more useful things like blankets for the babies where our Dresses for Missions are sent.


First Fleece Blanket Attempt - 4-8-16My first attempt would be using this robot printed fleece that I had found for a great price at Hobby Lobby. I had then picked up some really bright green yarn that I thought went nicely with the greens in the material.




Fleece Blanket #1 4-16-16And here it is! Blanket #1.

I found a blocky border that I liked since the robots are so square and blocky. The problem was that I had to do some extra stitches around the corners, which the pattern didn’t mention, but I didn’t do enough stitches on the corners. Thus, they cup. It was my first try, though, and other than that I think it turned out pretty good.

Fleece Blanket #2 4-24-16Blanket #2

This was another good deal that I scored at Hobby Lobby. I love variegated threads so when I came across a bright variegated skein that really went well with most of the colors on this material I snatched it up. I wanted to try a lacier border on this one. Due to the natural ruffle that is created when this border is stitched I didn’t have to worry about the corners. I’ll be using that pattern again!

Rotary Cutter Blade for Crocheted EdgingsI used this blade to make the holes in the edge of my fleece and it has worked wonderfully! I was a bit unsure at first because my mom had mentioned that she had tried one and didn’t like it at all. When using this I just made sure to keep about 1/2″ away from the edge of the material. Also, on another blog a lady had mentioned that you should place a pin at your starting spot so you know when you’re coming up to it. What a great idea! I have been lucky in that so far the first two blankets I’ve done I’ve managed to end in the same hole where I started. Just take your time, go slowly, and when you have to move your material place your blade in the very last hole that you made so that you can continue to evenly space the base stitches you will make around the blanket.


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