Summer Cross Project – 4-8-16

Summer Cross 1-24-16My poor, neglected and unloved Summer Cross! This is how it looked at the end of January. This is how it sat for two months…

… without a single stitch added…

It’s hard to fit all of my hobbies into the couple of hours that I get after work each day and so this one got put off to the side.


Summer Cross 4-6-16Finally I managed to get all of the words stitched into the upper right corner of this piece. The words are just backstitching, but it feels like they take the longest to do.

This was as of Wednesday evening. I had a few minutes to work on it while I was waiting for Jay to come home from work.


Summer Cross 4-8-16Here it is as of this evening (4-8-16). The other night I finally managed to get the first stage of Jay’s birthday present finished so now I have time to work on my cross stitch. I don’t know if you can tell, but I have started outlining the flowers. The sticks are all outlined, along with the bright orange impatiens (?) and the strawberries.

It feels good to be able to sit and put stitches in this again.

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