Woodworking – Desk Organizer

Last week I arrived home from work and Jay said that he needed my assistance. Now, he doesn’t often ask me for help so I had no idea what to expect. Apparently he needed my finishing skills, such as they are. He has recently received more responsibility at work and needs a better way to set up the work area on his desk, which will include two computer monitors.

Desk Organizer - Stained PiecesHe had drawn up something in SketchUp and had already cut out all of his pieces by the time that I arrived home.

This organizer has a few shelves plus two “ears” for the two monitors.





Desk Organizer - More Stained PiecesJay wanted this to be dark so I used Red Mahogany stain on the pine. I have to say that I really love how the grain showed up with this stain.

I then put three layers of gloss polyurethane on all of the pieces. Gloss is my go-to finish. I LOVE the look of it on wood.


Desk Organizer - FinishedOnce all of the pieces were dry Jay then assembled it using the new pneumatic brad nailer that he received for Christmas.


Desk Organizer - AssembledHe took it to work and set it up. He doesn’t have the second monitor yet, but so far he loves it. His boss said that I did a good job with the finish, too.

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