Trivet! Trivet!

TrivetOne of my friends gave me a glass trivet for Christmas this year. It is really quite an interesting piece, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Use it as a trivet?? I don’t use trivets!

Then I hit upon an idea…




Router TableFor Christmas Jay received a router table.

Which he promptly built a platform for it to sit on. This platform, though, has a top section where he can switch out his different power tools and they will fit right on top perfectly…





Miter Saw… he created the adaptor plate for his miter saw…







Table Saw… and one for the table saw.






Trivet on Unfinished FrameMy idea was to place the trivet on a frame of sorts that would also house some LED’s so that it can light up.






Trivet Unfinished FrameJay was happy to work on this because he was able to use almost every power tool in his workshop:

CNC router

Router table

Miter Saw

Table Saw

Pneumatic Brad Nailer

Trivet LED padThen he soldered together some LED strips. If I did my math correctly there are 153 LED’s on this little platform.






Trivet Frame with LED padThe platform rests in the cavity of the frame, and the trivet will be placed on top.






Trivet Lit UpIsn’t that neat?!

I have stained it and applied the first layer of poly, so I don’t have a picture of the finished piece. I think it will be stunning, though.


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