Dresses for Missions Update 1-2-16

2nd Group Dress 8 11-14-15It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the Dresses for Missions stuff that I’ve worked on.

I finished this a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but I’ve just now found time to actually snap a picture for the blog. After I worked on this I had to get working on my Library doors, so all of my sewing took a back seat.

Then Christmas was on the way and I had to work on projects for my brother-in-law and niece.

So my dresses waited…


Sewing Room - Christmas 2015One of the gifts that I asked Jay to get me for Christmas was a light for my ironing board area. The other part of the gift, though, was that he had to change the receptacle right there. Plugs wouldn’t stay in it for the outlet was old and wouldn’t hold them. So Jay changed the outlet and installed my light.

I hate working in the dark so now I have LOTS of light in my sewing room. I couldn’t let this room sit idle after that. Do you see the square of pink that sits on the far end of my bannister in this picture? That was a square of fleece that I had prepped to make into a blanket… over a year ago.


Dresses for Missions Blankets 12-27-15In fact, I had four blankets that were essentially ready, they just needed the satin blanket binding on the edges. I was afraid to do this, though, because I had never done it before. I watched a few YouTube videos, settled on two different ways to do it that I wanted to try, and then just did it.


Dresses for Missions Blankets Other Corner 12-27-15I’m not 100% satisfied with how they turned out. I feel that it wrinkled up too much and not all of my corners were beautifully mitered.

I also discovered that I enjoyed sewing on the flannel more than I liked sewing on the fleece.


Dresses for Missions Blankets Corner 12-27-15I have to admit that this flannel blanket with the animals on one side and the sand-colored flannel on the backside is my favorite of the four. Again, I’m not completely happy with the way that the binding went on, but it turned out decently enough for my first time really working with this stuff. I definitely have more to learn.


2nd Group Dress 9 1-2-16After working on the blankets I decided that I should go back to my forte… trimming out the dresses. I think that I still have another three or four dresses that need the binding and trim added to them. Most of them are this same orange and golden yellow color, so I’m not really feeling the creativity when it comes to making them fancy. These aren’t my favorite colors to begin with, so it’s even harder trying to make them fancy. I’ll do it, but it might take me a little while.

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