Egads! It’s A Spad! Part 5

Ziroli A-1 Back End 10-31-15When we last saw the A-1 Skyraider we had just seen the tail come together.

Plus we had installed some push rods.

Not to mention we had watched a LOT of football and drank a lot of beer.

Phew! We were busy! So, what’s next?



Ziroli A-1 Wing Pieces 11-2-15Hmmm… I’ve discovered a pile of pieces. Maybe we are going to build one of those Polynesian canoes with the arms and floats. We’ve got the skinny little sticks for the arms and the torpedo-shaped parts for the floats.

Or, maybe we are building floats for the Spad?


Ziroli A-1 Wing Section 11-3-15Or we’re building wings.

Fish bone-like wings.

That’s a little wing, though.




Ziroli A-1 In-Board Wing Section 11-3-15Wait! It’s a platform for weight reproduction! Notice how when it was first placed up above there were only a few… now look how many have shown up!

I wondered why Jay had started hoarding toilet paper rolls….



Ziroli A-1 Wing Ribbing 11-4-15Wow… now we have some growth.

Wait… this is ONE wing?? ONE?!

It has to be about four feet long! One wing?! Is this airplane going to end up being like Gibbs’ boat on NCIS where you wonder how you get it out of the basement??! Yikes!


Ziroli A-1 Other Wing 11-5-15A few building tips:

1. Make sure to keep your strength up while building. Eat plenty of greasy foods so that the drippings on your workbench will collect all of the sawdust that you are creating.

2. Save money when building by using things that are found around the home, such as toilet paper or paper towel rolls. They aren’t just for kids’ crafts any more!

Ziroli A-1 Wing Tubes 11-5-15To keep the weight down on your aircraft make sure to remove all glue residue and left-over paper on your toilet paper tubes.





Ziroli A-1 Glued Wing 11-5-15Ta-Daaaa!!!

You have, ONE wing.

Again… how is this thing going to come out of the basement?

I’m going to need a while to ponder that…

In the next post perhaps I’ll be sharing the modifications that we will be making to our basement in order to install a hangar door.


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1 Response to Egads! It’s A Spad! Part 5

  1. Jamie says:

    )Hangar doors improve resale value, right? I’m sure I read that somewhere… 🙂

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