Yellow A-4 #8 – Update 10-5-15

A-4 Landing Gear DownI don’t have a whole lot to update this project. It was mostly done when I last showed you pictures. I do love this picture, though. It makes me laugh. I don’t know why.




Yellow A4 Dressed Up 9-19-15Jay has added some more of the details that make a jet really stand out. These are all stickers, but the numbers, lettering and words he cut using his CNC laser. I think that he did a really good job.




A-4 Pilot Name 9-19-15Don’t forget to put the pilot’s name under the cockpit!





A-4 Back Stickers 9-19-15He cut the letters out of vinyl and then used masking tape to transfer it to the jet. I think that it worked really well. I know that he was excited to find another use for his other toys.




A-4 Top View 9-19-15I think that this jet looks really sharp. I can’t wait to see it in the air!

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4 Responses to Yellow A-4 #8 – Update 10-5-15

  1. Mauricio says:

    Hi there great project!!! Congratulations.

    By any chance do you have the users manual? Just bought one to put a jet central but not sure about balancing , center of gravity etc… can not find the manual on line

    Hope you cam help , best


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