F9F Panther Project – 10-5-15

Panther BoxI checked and it’s been almost two years since I last posted about this jet! If you need to catch up, here are posts one and two.

The reason why it’s been so long since I last posted about this jet is because the poor thing got put off to the side when the Yellow A-4 showed up. Then the 3D printer showed up. Then the CNC router showed up. And then Jay had to build a bunch of airplanes for almost everybody and their brother. He finally took this one out because the A-4 is essentially done and he’s not allowed to start the Skyraider until he’s finished this one.

Panther Fuselage 10-16-13So two years ago I left you with this picture. It kind of looked like a jet if you tilt your head and squint your eyes.

Actually, to me it looks like a Himalayan blimp.




Panther 9-19-15When I realized that Jay was working on this again, and not taking progress pictures for me, he had already managed to get it to this point. I think that he might have had the wings glued on at this point.

He was at the point of attaching the aileron.



Panther Aileron Assembly 9-19-15It’s such a pretty little aileron, too!

He was going to put retractable gear on this jet, but at some point decided that he would just belly land it instead. Oh, and he’s going to make it a 6S setup instead of an 8S. That means that he’ll be having to bungee launch this jet, too.


Panther Fiberglass Tip Tanks 9-19-15I was confused, though, as to why Jay was using albino zucchinis on his jet.

Jay doesn’t even like zucchini.

I was hoping to swipe them when he wasn’t looking so that I could can some more relish.




Panther Wing Tip Tanks 9-19-15Except, it turns out they aren’t albino zucchinis. They are wing tip tanks. *sigh*

I was really looking forward to more zucchini relish…





Panther Guts 9-19-15Just like cross stitchers want to look at the back of other stitcher’s projects, I know that jet guys can’t resist looking up the tail pipe of other pilots’ jets.

So there you go…






Panther Nose 9-19-15Then Jay showed me that it wasn’t a Himalayan blimp after all. It does have a pointy nose.

I think that we should put a goldfish in it, but apparently it’s going to get painted. So no goldfish.



Panther Parts 9-19-15Uh-oh… we’ve got Panther parts on the bench! Quick! Get them attached before they get lost!







Panther Jet 10-5-15Phew! That was close! You do NOT want to have random Panther parts scattered on your work bench. That is not good for anybody.

As you can see, Jay has made quite a bit of progress on this lovely little aircraft. I have been told that it won’t actually be glassed, though, until he is glassing the Skyraider. *raises eyebrow* I think that somebody is just reaching for reasons as to why he needs to start building the Skyraider now. More than likely I’ll probably be overruled regarding the Skyraider. I have to admit, though, that he did get the A-4 and Panther done (mostly) before he started on the Skyraider so I will give him some leeway.

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