Sewing Machine Cabinets – NSM 9-22-15

Singer 301ANow that I have another sewing machine, one that I would really like to use, I’m going to need a cabinet for it. After all, this one was originally made to reside in a cabinet as compared to the portable 301A that my mom owns.

So, I decided to take a look at what is available. Would you like to come on this trip with me? I knew you would!

To keep things simple I’m going to do all of my window shopping at I figure I can get a pretty good idea of everything that is available to me. So, let’s take a look at what they have.

After searching for Sewing Machine Cabinets this is the first one that pops up. Per the listing it is currently $162 plus free shipping. Oooo! Except, this doesn’t look like it’s even in a sewing room. It looks like you should be putting your extra crystal vases in it for storage.

Hmmm… Let’s keep looking.



Okay, this one at least looks like it’s in a sewing room. You can tell by the dress form and machines that it’s a sewing room. The size is nice, though it would be too big for my area where I could possibly put it. Let’s see what they want for this… $1,280.00!! YIKES! But, it has free shipping.


This one is a little more budget-friendly at $126.31 and it seems we are getting a deal because it lists at $139! Again, we are in a bona fide sewing room because of the dress form, the machine, and we even have a quilt square that somebody was working on! Of course, they must have a solar-powered machine because there’s not an outlet anywhere near the desk and I don’t see a foot pedal, either. Well, this one is nice, but not $126 nice. Let’s see what else is out there.



If you’re a Wizard of Oz fan then you are going to like this one! It’s called the Auntie Em cabinet! Which is appropriate because they have to be in another world if they think that I’m going to pay $659.99 for this! It is the closest to what I’m looking for, but there’s no way that I’m paying that much for a sewing cabinet. Although, it does have free shipping. I might have to give this one more thought.


There is no WAY that I would pay $330 for a cabinet that was painted this color green! I would have to spend more money to paint it white or a color that isn’t quite so horrid. Does anybody else think it’s weird that these people are all making quilts, but they happen to have dress forms right next to their machines?



This cabinet actually looks very similar to the cabinet that my mom has for her machine. I like the set-up and the storage drawers on the right. Again, there’s a quilt square and a dress form…

$959.99?!!!  Moving right along…




The description said that this is a compact cabinet, and I would say that is accurate. It’s actually a very nice size with adequate room to the left of the machine for your material. The problem? It’s priced at $579.99! I realize that the cabinets with the machine lift are going to be more expensive, but seriously?! The only difference between this cabinet and the previous one is the set of drawers. This company really thinks that the drawers are worth almost $400??



Sewing Machine FadI guess for now I’ll just have to figure out how to make all of my machines work with what I have. There’s not a whole lot of space, but I’ll make do.

The one good thing, though, is that I picked up a decorating fad for sewing cabinets/tables. It really just adds something to the picture, doesn’t it? 😉

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