Sewing in the News – NSM 9-16-15

Dresses for Missions #20 3-1-15Yesterday I posted links to various charities for people who want to use their sewing talents.

I thought that today I would highlight some articles in the news that deals with sewing. All I did was a search for Sewing and the articles that I came across are all about people sewing things for charities.

Many of these involve groups of women who get together to sew and socialize. If you are interested in joining a group like this check around your local area to see if there’s anything similar. Keep an eye open when you read your local paper or visit your local churches websites to see if they host a sewing group. Most churches will allow a member to use space in the church without mandating that every member of the group belongs to the church. Or, check out your local quilt guild as they might do charity sewing.

Me and my Daddy 1985My dad receives Farm Show magazine which is all about farming and the latest ideas for farmers. Most of it consists of farmers who have modified equipment to do new things or to improve how they do things. It’s actually quite interesting. Well, my mom gives me their old issues so that I can look through them. The last one she gave me had an article about Myrtle Farrell, who is 106 years old, and is still sewing about 100 baby quilts a year. In fact, she sews on an older Kenmore sewing machine that looks a lot like the sewing machine that my mom had when I was growing up. Ms. Farrell sells her quilts and also donates them to charities.


Scrappy Irish Chain QuiltThe next article I came across was a group of women in Iowa who make quilts for local Veterans to thank them for their service. Most of these quilts are lap quilts and have a red, white, blue and gold color theme.




Dress #28 5-22-15A 10 year old boy is using his allowance to help others. He became interested in sewing clothes while watching his mom run her sewing machine. With her help they make clothes to give away to those in need. This family has been homeless at times so they know how special it is to feel that somebody is thinking of them. This little boy just wants to help others.





QuiltsAnother group of women in Idaho get together to sew various items for women who are recovering after a masectomy. They make pillows, drape aprons and bags for these women. The interesting thing is that some of them actually knit prosthetic breasts! I didn’t realize that you could do that!



Dresses Group #1I want to leave you with an article about a lady who had heard about Little Dresses for Africa and felt called to help this charity. She kept talking about it and finally just decided to do it. Like the group that I work with this group has been able to donate over 400 dresses so far.

It goes to show that sometimes all you have to do is just do it… and others will join. Sew it and they will come. There are probably more people out there who want to do something like this, but have no idea what to do. My advice is just do it! Can’t find a local charity that you feel like you can participate in? Create your own. All of these charities had to be started by somebody… why not by you?


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