Quilt Fashion Show – NSM 9-11-15

Babe's Quilt RackI don’t quilt. Maybe one day I will, but for now I have zero interest. The biggest reason for this is probably because I have the best quilter at my disposal.

I don’t remember when my mom seriously got into sewing quilts. I remember that she made a couple when we were growing up, but those were mostly for Chrissy. I believe that I was in high school when the quilting bug really kicked in for my mom.



Kerry's Dorm BedWhen I went off to college my mom made me a quilt for my bed so that I would have something warm and homemade out there with me. This is my R.A. sitting on my bed, but you can see the quilt in the background. I can’t recall what the pattern is called. I could guess at it, but I know that my mom will be talking to her computer monitor, correcting me, and the dogs will wonder who she’s talking to.


My Dbl Wedding Ring QuiltThe next quilt that my mom made for me was my favorite one… the double wedding ring quilt that she hand-quilted.

I showed off this quilt last week, but one viewing is really never enough.



Jay and Bob NappingMy mom has even made quilts for Jay. This one was given to him the first Christmas that we were married, I think.

She made him another one for his birthday last year, but apparently I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. I’ll have to remedy that!



Joey 036Then there was this quilt that my mom made for Joey… um, I mean, for Kimberly. Yeah… that’s it.

Joey really loves it, though.




QuiltsThis was Chrissy’s quilt. She used it for years and this was the one that my mom took to the hospital to give Chrissy some comfort of home. This is one quilt that my mom will never give away. If she tried to give it to one of us girls I have a feeling that a round of fisticuffs might break out.



QuiltsThe cats thought that my mom had made this quilt for them. See the large lump? That would be Bissell.

I don’t think that this was made for anybody in particular. My mom keeps it on the spare twin bed in Chrissy’s old room.



QuiltsI have this labeled as the Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. This one isn’t to my taste, but when we had it at the craft show this summer people kept referring to it as the Steelers quilt. Yes… apparently it would go very well in a Pittsburgh Steelers themed room. Which, I believe, is where it will end up as I know the person who purchased it.




Scrappy Irish Chain QuiltThis is an Irish Chain quilt that my mom made using her scraps. I think that this is one that she made to sell. This is also the biggest picture that I have of this one.

If we had taken pictures of all the quilts my mom has made over the years I could easily write an entire week’s worth of posts. However, I will keep this one short.


I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of these quilts. Maybe it inspired you to try a new hobby or a new pattern. Or, like me, perhaps it makes you wish that you could go back to bed and crawl underneath one of these! There’s nothing better than crawling under a quilt in the winter and pulling it right up under your chin. 🙂

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