More Wing Bags – NSM 9-14-15

Wing Bag 10I’ve shown the wing bags that I’ve made Jay in previous posts.

One of the other guys in our RC club asked me to make him a set of wing bags. I took measurements and told him that I could do it. I’d made him one other set of wing bags and apparently he was happy enough with them that he wanted another set for a new plane.


Wing Bag Places MarkedThe biggest problem with this set of wing bags is that I don’t have the plane here to make sure everything is going to fit. Then I didn’t realize how the tail was going to be assembled so I had to redo my original design. That meant some ripping out of seams and shortening of pieces.



Wing Bag Pieces PlacedI think that I finally got it all figured out.

I’ve found that the cheapest way to get fabric for these bags (they take a LOT of fabric) is to buy the cheap fake quilt comforters when they go on sale at either Sears or JCPenney. You need to look for the sale where they say that you can buy any size for $20. I buy the King size comforters and that gives me enough material for about four wing bags, or two sets.


Wing Bag PinnedWing bags are meant to protect an RC plane’s wings when they are being transported or stored. You want a little bit of padding so that if you accidentally bump it into anything you shouldn’t do any damage. Hopefully.

Once I got the panels placed on the bag for the tail boom I pinned it together to sew it closed.


Wing Bag FinishedDon’t forget to place the handle where you want it before you sew. After I had this all sewed together I realized that I should have moved the handle back a little bit. Oh well. It’s going to stay where it’s at. I’ve ripped at this one too many times, plus I still have some ripping to do on the other wing bag.

One down, one to go….


Bob Playing with LaceOf course, while I’m trying to sew I have to keep an eye on Bob. He came up and tried to steal something out of my waste basket, but all I had were pieces of thread. I had to chase him down to get it out of his mouth. I keep small pieces of lace around the sewing room for just this situation. You see, he’s looking for scraps of fabric or lace in my waste basket that he can play with, even though he has an entire box of toys downstairs. Nope. This poor, neglected and abused little cat has to scrounge around in the garbage can for toys. *sigh*

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