Hooded Baby Towels – NSM 9-4-15

Hooded TowelYet again my mom is going to be brought up in my National Sewing Month post.

She makes these hooded baby towels for gifts and to sell at her craft table. People love them and I can’t tell you how many times she’s been asked to make another set to replace an original set that was worn out.

Now that my sister and I have friends who are having babies it’s a great gift for us to easily whip up.



Katie's Baby TowelsYou can make hooded towels using any color of towel. You just have to make sure that there’s a hand towel to match.

To make these you simply need two regular size bath towels and one hand towel. Plus whatever ribbon you would like to go on top.



Anita's Baby TowelsThey can be unisex or geared towards a specific theme. For Jay’s cousin I found a cut ribbon with zoo animals on it to go with the zoo theme that she had chosen for the nursery. For one of my friend’s boys I used Pittsburgh Steelers ribbon (she’s a fan), plus some Snoopy playing sports. They were adorable!


Girl Baby TowelsIf there’s no theme then just go with whatever you think is the prettiest. After all, these towels are meant to get sopping wet and be washed a LOT. This is definitely not going to be something that will be folded up and put away for future generations.

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