Double Wedding Ring Quilt – NSM 9-3-15

B is for BissellThis morning I have a little help as I post pictures of the Double Wedding Ring quilt that my mom made for me a few years ago.

Bissell thought it was his quilt since it had a ‘B’ on it. Unfortunately, no. That stands for ‘Bear’, which is the nickname that my mom has always used for me.


My Dbl Wedding Ring QuiltMy mom had always wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt. I’m not sure which manufacturer’s pattern she used, but I know that she used all of her scraps that she had for this.

It’s a full size quilt and I love to sit and look at it. I can pick out the pieces of fabric that were used in other quilts that she made for me or my sisters. Then there are the pieces of fabric that she had left over from various dresses she made me over the years. So it’s not just a quilt, it’s a fabric-based sheet of memories.

My BThis is also the only quilt she has ever, or will ever, hand quilt. Knowing how much time and work she put into this quilt makes it even more special to me. This is one that I hope to hand down through my family one day.

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