September is National Sewing Month

My Creative Space - SewingI learned yesterday that September is National Sewing Month. So in honor of that fact I am going to attempt to post every day (or almost every day) something that has to do with sewing.

I missed yesterday, but I’m going to try to be better about it from now on.




Babe, Droof and IIt wouldn’t be right for me to honor National Sewing Month without first honoring my mom, who instilled the love of sewing and crafting in me. She has been my biggest inspiration and my best resource as I began exploring the wonderful world of thread and fabric. Growing up we received many handmade gifts from my mom: dresses, Barbie clothes, baby doll clothes, quilts, afghans, scarfs, etc.

Babe's Quilting TableMy mom has branched out into quilting, long-arm quilting, machine embroidery, and knitting. Most of it she has taught herself by reading, practicing, and lots of trial and error. She always told us that she wasn’t book smart, but I maintain that if you put a piece of fabric and a threaded needle in her hand that she will be able to whip you up the most beautiful dress you could ever imagine. She can see it in her head perfectly and then she creates it. I’m book smart, but I would LOVE to be able to do what she does by just looking at something and KNOWING how it will look or what she will have to do to get it to come out as she wants it.

So, for me, National Sewing Month is a tribute to my mom and everything that she has taught me. Thanks, Babe, for passing on the love of sewing to me!

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1 Response to September is National Sewing Month

  1. mom says:

    Reading this almost made me cry. I love you more then you know. my bear

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