Sugar Control Diet – Week #12 & 13

Bikini Babe 1982Weeks #12 & 13

Weight Change – 0 pounds

Total Weight Loss – 15 pounds

Mood – Frustrated


Well, nicer weather is FINALLY beginning to arrive so it will soon be time to break out the bikini! All I have to do is lose a few more pounds and I’ll be able to fit back into this cute little number…

Actually, I had a discussion with Jay the other day regarding swimming and bathing suits. He was amazed that when I was growing up that I spent the majority of my summers at the local park taking swimming lessons and spending all afternoon in the lake. I still love to swim and I love being in the water. I just don’t want other people to see me in my bathing suit. Also, he wants to go out to Vegas at some point so that we can lay by the pool all week sipping on drinks. Yeah… that doesn’t appeal to me. Not only because of the bathing suit thing, but also because to me laying in the sun is a huge waste of time. I have things to do! Places to go! People to avoid!

Last weekend it was very nice weather, and I had an appointment for a pedicure, so I thought that I would try on a pair of my capris that I was unable to wear last summer. I was keeping my fingers crossed because they had fit me just fine two summers ago. I almost did a jig when I realized that they fit again! Woo-hoo!

For the most part I am still eating more protein and vegetables than anything, but I have been eating “regular” stuff now and again. I had spaghetti for supper last night. That was the first time that I’ve had pasta since January. I REALLY enjoyed it, but attempted to control myself and not eat too much. I’m not sure how well that worked, but I gave it a try.

I have noticed that if I eat too much of something starchy that I then have ravenous cravings for sugar. The best way that I’ve found to combat the urge is to go do an activity that I get so involved  in that it takes my mind off of everything else. The best activity for this is to work on my Dresses for Missions. It keeps my mind busy and I quickly forget about the sugar. Let’s hope I can keep it up.

As soon as the weather remains a bit steadier in temperature I want to get out and start working aggressively on my gardens. Everybody else around me has been cleaning out their beds and planting flowers, but I’ve hesitated. It’s only the end of April so there is still a good chance of a heavy killing frost. My hope is that once I can get back outside to play in the dirt that not only will I not think about sugar cravings, but the added activity will help me to lose more weight. To get down to my ideal weight I would like to lose another 30 pounds. I’m not sure how doable that is, but I’m going to give it a shot!

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