Sugar Control Diet – Week #10

Bob SleepingWeek #10

Weight Lost This Week: 0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 14 lbs

Mood: Exhausted


Well, I did it. I made it through the Easter season without being tempted to buy a bag of jelly beans. Typically I’ll buy at least one bag of the SweeTarts and one bag of Starburst jelly beans. I managed to resist, though, which is saying a lot! Super-concentrated sugar like that is my downfall. I don’t have the will power to be able to only eat a few at a time; once I get going I can’t stop!

This week I was tempted to pop a few pieces of candy into my mouth, but I managed to somehow resist the urge. I do have candy in my house, and I know right where it is, but I have been able to behave myself. I honestly don’t know how I’m managing to do that. I keep having thoughts of jelly beans and pasta and gluten free pizza running through my head. Even though I’m allowed to start adding a little bit back in I haven’t been brave enough to start on the pasta or bread. I’m afraid that once they hit my tongue that it will be all over and I’ll gain back every pound that I’ve lost.

Speaking of the weight loss, I definitely have noticed it. It’s just a bit discouraging that I’ve been on this diet for ten weeks and am only averaging about a pound a week. I know that’s a healthy amount of weight to lose and it will be easier to maintain, but I was really hoping to have averaged about 2-3 pounds a week.

There’s not much else to report this week. It was busy so I feel like I’m still trying to rest from everything that was going on. I love the fact that spring has finally decided to peek its head in, but now comes allergy season and all of the sinus issues attributed to that. Can I survive my sugar control diet while being grumpy due to stuffy sinuses??

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