Dresses for Missions Update 3-18-15

My Creative Space - SewingWhen I’m stuck in my cubicle at work and I dream of escaping I don’t dream of a sandy beach or a wooded glen…

I dream of being in my sewing area surrounded by my fabric, lace and ribbon.

I’ve often prayed, “Lord, please let me win the lottery so that I can quit my job and spend more of my time helping to clothe your children.” Apparently that’s not part of His plan. *sigh*


Dresses for Missions #21Dress #21

This dress was a little more difficult to figure out how I wanted to dress it up. I didn’t quite have the right color of blue ribbon, but yet I also didn’t have the right color of orange, either. Since it was so busy already I didn’t want to add even more confusion to the mix, so I finally managed to figure out something simple.

I had another piece of iridescent lace that had an orange sparkle to it, so I used that around the hem. I then used some white cotton lace to accent the bottom and to go along with the orange cotton lace at the top.


Dresses for Missions #22Dress #22

I believe that I’ve used almost all of the pillow cases that my mom and sister had given to me last summer. With that being the case I had to dig into my fabric stash for my next dress. Actually, I’ve had this fabric for a while and have been wanting to make a dress out of it.

With these dresses I love adding the ruffle at the bottom, so I had to do that. I had specifically purchased red lace to go with this fabric so I tried to pick another frilly lace for the bottom of the ruffle. I know that the ruffle should probably be enough without the lace, but what can I say… I’m a lacey kind of gal!

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