CNC Router – Wildlife

CNC Router 2For the past week Jay has been working on a special project. His uncle contacted him and asked if it would be possible for Jay to use his router to carve various animals into wood for his uncle’s new workshop cabinets.

Of course, Jay said yes.

Jay and I are always trying to figure out how we can turn this hobby into a profitable business for us. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to come up with an answer. When his uncle asked Jay about this we thought that maybe it could lead to other things.

First, Jay had to trace pictures of various wildlife and translate it so that the router could understand what it was supposed to do. We haven’t been able to find a quick and easy way of translating drawings into good router pictures, so he spent a lot of time manually tracing these pictures. With that being said, I think that he did an excellent job and I think that his uncle will be VERY happy with the results. What do you think?

CNC Router - Elk


CNC Router - Swimming Duck

Swimming Duck

CNC Router - Moose


CNC Router - Flying Duck

Flying Duck

CNC Router - Deer


I apologize if you can’t see the animals very well in the picture. If you click on them it might help you to better see the images. His uncle bought some expensive plywood that has an oak veneer on it, and so the pictures don’t stand out against the grain unless you’re standing right in front of it. They just don’t translate well to .jpeg. I have no idea how his uncle is going to finish these, but I hope that he finds a way to make them pop. Jay has an extra piece that he used for practice, so I’m going to take that to see which stain that I have will really make it look nice. That way I can at least show his uncle an example of how various stains will look. If we get to see the finished product I will definitely post pictures so that you can see, too.

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