Sugar Control Diet – Week #6

MudslideWeek #6

Mood: Tired

Week #6 Weight Change: Lost 2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 11 pounds

I promise that this picture wasn’t taken in the past month. It was actually taken a few years ago when Jay and I stopped to eat after a Fun Fly. Mmm… Mudslide… *Drools*


So, this week was busy. Our church held our Parish Mission this past week, so Monday and Tuesday after I got home from work I had to be at church by 6:30 so that I could sing for the masses that were held. Thus I didn’t make anything in particular for dinner. I think that I actually had leftovers after I got home each night. I honestly can’t recall.

The challenge this week was to hold myself back on consuming too much fruit. For some reason I wanted to eat every piece of fruit that I saw. A couple of nights an entire can of crushed pineapple disappeared. But I think that it’s better that I give into that indulgence than pouring a bowl of cereal.

My godson’s birthday party is next weekend and I had to tell my friend not to make anything special for me as I won’t be able to eat it. I felt bad that I had to tell her no, but I figured that was better than having her make something and then refusing to eat it, or just eating a little bit so that the rest kind of goes to waste.

Friday night I made a French toast casserole thing for Jay and his mom. It smelled SO GOOD! However, to keep me from being tempted to cheat I made it with regular bread so that I couldn’t eat it no matter what. I think that Jay feels bad about eating things like that in front of me, but I honestly don’t mind it. Kind of like the Rolo’s that I bought him the other night; I bought it for him so I want him to enjoy them. I don’t want him to feel guilty about eating it in front of me. We did have a discussion today about this diet and when I can start eating ‘normally’. He asked me something about sugar and I told him that I would probably stick to Stevia in my coffee and in my drinks. After ridding myself of sugar the last thing that I want to do is become addicted to it again (and that would be VERY easy for me to do!).

I realized tonight just how much I’ve changed my way of thinking. I was at Wal-Mart with my friend and I was watching the lady in front of us unload her cart. She bought “healthy” stuff like diet pop, sugar-laden granola bars, and that kind of thing. Then I watched as she placed Spaghetti-O’s on the belt along with other sugar-laden items. Without realizing it the thought popped into my head, “I can’t believe that she’s going to let her kids eat all of that junk!” YIKES!!! Since when do I think thoughts like that?! This is not good… the absence of sugar had addled my brain!

On the positive side, I had a very nice compliment from Jay’s mom the other night. She said that I looked like I had lost the weight. I know that I’ve noticed it in little ways, but to have somebody come out and say it really made me feel good.

Now if I can only keep it up…

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