Sugar Control Diet – Week #5

Chocolate JetsWeek #5


Weight Loss Week #5 – 1 pound

Total Weight Loss – 9 pounds



Somebody told me that if you do one activity for 30 days that it will become a habit. Umm… okay… Let’s just say that it doesn’t work that way with me. It has been over thirty days on this diet and I’m still craving the stuff that I shouldn’t have. I need to ask my Nutritional Therapist if the first thing we can slowly start adding back into my diet is Applebee’s giant Mudslide…

If ever there was a week where cheating on a diet could be excused, it should have been this week. All I wanted all week was just something sweet… a bowl of cereal, a bowl of ice cream, or even a few marshmallows. I was really in need of a glass of wine, too. Actually, no, I was in need of a GIANT MUDSLIDE!

But I resisted. And I behaved. Ever since I was young I didn’t like to break the rules. My younger sister called me a goody-two-shoes, but that’s just how I was, and still am. I know that if I cheat not only will I feel guilty about cheating, but I’ll feel guilty that I didn’t stick to the very-well-laid-out rules.

Jay loves me as I am, but he’s being very supportive in this effort. I was sharing with him my fears that the weight will come back once I start adding things back in. We discussed that if I actually started to exercise (one of my LEAST FAVORITE activities!) then it would definitely help my current weight loss plus maintaining what I’ve already managed to take off. I would love to get a treadmill again. I used to have one and would walk a few miles while reading. No, I wasn’t just moseying along on it while reading. I would get up to a good pace, make sure that I was into the rhythm, and then pick up my book. I managed to get through quite a few books doing this. That treadmill started to go, though, and I found that the belt would slip enough to make me stumble. It wasn’t worth fixing at that point, and so I haven’t had one since.

Before I can start doing any kind of exercise, though, I need to heal my plantar fasciitis. I might have mentioned this a few posts back, but it’s still pretty bad. It’s to the point where I’ve broken down and decided that I need to start wearing my tendon-stretching boot at night again. *sigh* Yeah, THAT’S really sexy!

I guess that’s all for this week.

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