3D Printed Cats – The Purr-fect Pets!

3D Printed Cat Herd

I am always telling Jay that we need more cats. There was one time when I lived with six cats, but after my best friend adopted Bob’s brothers we were down to four. Now I just have Bob and Chester. Sometimes it’s nice to only have two cats… like when they’re fighting. Other times I wish that we had a few more. That is, until I have to scoop the potty box. That’s when I realize that Jay gave me the perfect cats for Christmas… 3D printed ones! They don’t shed. I don’t have to scoop their potty box. They never fight. They also never wake me up at 4:30 in the morning because they think it’s time for breakfast.

3D Printed Lounging CatsThese two sit on my piano. When I am practicing they actually sit there, intently listening and enjoying the music! Unlike Chester who gets grumpy and voices her disapproval as she stomps out of the living room.

3D Printed Relief Cat DarkThis one actually has a neat effect. And to be honest, it’s more impressive in person.

Jay tried printing out a relief picture of a cat. Can you somewhat see the outline of it? Obviously it didn’t really turn out like he had hoped, but he wrapped it up and gave it to me anyway. After I opened it I was looking at the detail and held it up so that I could see it better…

3D Printed Relief Cat LightThat’s when we realized that if you hold it up to the light it’s like having a monotone picture! And it looks like Chester. It really is quite neat to see it in person (I know that I’ve already said that, but I can’t help myself). I’ve asked Jay to make a box to set it in and he’s going to mount some LEDs behind it. That way I can plug it in and really have an interesting piece of décor.


CNC Router Cat House with lightsSpeaking of the cats, I had to share this picture with you. I just took all of our Christmas stuff down yesterday, but this is what our tree and the cats’ house looked like…

The cats’ house needed lights on it, too. I couldn’t have it sitting next to the tree and be envious because it wasn’t decorated. I’m not sure that Bob liked the lights on his house, though, as he refused to go in there while they were on.

And that’s the tree skirt that Chester likes to lick. I’ve told her that just because it was made in China doesn’t mean that it tastes like soy sauce. Apparently she thinks that whatever that taste is, it’s pretty good. I think that she’s going to wear bare spots into the skirt from her tongue even before the lights start to burn out.

CNC Router Nativity SetWhile I’m showing off Christmas stuff, I wanted to show you the stable that Jay built for my nativity set. He used his router to cut out the pieces and add detail to the sides and roof. Then he 3D printed the star and then put LEDs behind it and in the rafters of the stable to give it some light.

I didn’t have time this year, but next year I hope to add some more finishing touches to it. I just ran out of time what with all of the other projects that I had going on.


3D Printed Bit HolderFinally, here’s the bit holder that Jay made for the bits that he received for Christmas. He used his router to drill the holes in the block of wood and then printed out the orange top with the bit sizes. He glued them together and voila… a bit holder!

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