Winter Cross Update 9-26-14

Okay, so I realize that it’s actually October and not September 26th. Since that was the day that I took a picture of my cross stitch, though, that’s the date that is being posted on here. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t updated at all since the end of July!

Winter Cross 7-29-14This is where I was at the end of July. I was trying to get the background words all filled in around the cross. The words weren’t the bad part. It’s all of the knots that go between every word! I really don’t like French knots. Actually, what I do is called a Colonial knot and it’s still a pain in the butt.



Winter Cross 9-26-14During August and September I managed to find enough time to fill in the other arm of the cross and then do some more word stitching.

I also did all of the backstitching required for the right side of this picture. *sigh* This is taking me forever! At this rate I’ll be lucky to have it done and framed before Easter!

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