Dresses for Missions 4-16-14

I have an update on the Dresses for Missions Ministry that I am participating in through my church. We were able to ship 5 boxes of things to Haiti for Easter. This is what was sent:

181 Dresses!! (our original goal was 100)

426 pairs of underwear

59 receiving blankets

131 baby hats

11 boys shorts

29 t-shirts

8 blankets

How great is that??!! We are still continuing to collect things to ship. I haven’t had the time to sew lately, though, so I’m not keeping up with my goal of one dress a week. In fact, I have barely managed to average 1/2 a dress a week!

Dress #11 3-30-14Dress #11…

Because I really like the looks of the dresses with the ruffles I have decided that I will make all of them with one from now on. That adds more time because making the ruffle and sewing it on adds about an extra hour and a half to my sewing time. It really makes the dresses even cuter, though.




Dress #12 4-5-14Dress #12…

This one was a bit tougher for me. I wasn’t sure if the pattern was too bold. I had the perfect ribbon for it, but something just kept telling me that it wasn’t complete. When I had finished it and stepped back… I liked what I saw. I’m still iffy on the pattern (and it looks much better in person), but my mom really liked it. She has good taste when it comes to this kind of thing so I’m not going to worry about it anymore. It’s a larger size so I’m thinking that an older girl will be more likely to get it. I hope that it makes her feel beautiful.


That’s all that I have done for now. I have some blankets in the works and more material for dresses. In fact, I just had a handful of pillow cases given to me so perhaps I will use those this next week!

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