Winter Cross Update 4-12-14

April is already half over! Where did it go?? I wish that I could say I had been enjoying the spring weather by cleaning up the yard and getting my gardens ready for planting. Nope. We are still dealing with snow. Yep. Two weeks ago today we received about 6″ of the sloppy, slushy and wet stuff. It was gone pretty much within the next day. Mother Nature has been very bipolar. Today we are enjoying a day where the temps are in the 60’s. By this time next week we are supposed to receive more snow. I’m so tired of the ups and downs!

Luckily, to keep myself sane, I’ve been able to find some time to cross stitch.

Winter Cross 3-16-14Here was the winter cross almost a month ago. I had just finished doing as much outlining as I could. It was time to start moving onto the rest of the cross.





Winter Cross 4-12-14There hasn’t been a whole lot added, but I guess enough to show some progress. I’ve been averaging about 15-20 minutes on it Monday thru Friday.

It’s a good thing that I started this one first. I *might* have it done by the time it should be displayed!


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