Winter Cross Project 1-22-14

Cross Stitching AreaI’ve been working a lot of extra hours at work, so when I’m home at night this is where I have been parking my butt.

Before I get into the cross stitch, have I told you about my LED bulb?? I LOVE IT! It’s insanely bright and I definitely can’t hide when the drug deals are going down at the house across the road from me, but I love this bulb! It’s supposed to be equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb, but it’s WAY brighter than that. And zero heat. I can sit under that light for six hours and the bulb will be cool to the touch. LED’s are definitely the way to go.


Winter Cross 1-6-14This is what my project looked like on January 6th. You can see a poinsettia and a plum. Perhaps a little bit of greenery.





Winter Cross 1-22-14I told you that I had been spending a lot of time in my rocking chair!

This completes the entire left hand ‘arm’ of the cross. In order to give me more of a sense of accomplishment I have decided to fill in the background words. Then I will go back and backstitch as much of this portion that I can. Once I have that part done I will move my frame and begin stitching on the top part of the cross. Yeah!

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