Yellow A4 Skyhawk Project – #3

A4 With Wings and TailHere we are… all winged up and nowhere to go! Of course, it might help if they were attached.

I apologize for not updating my blog sooner. I’ve been working overtime at work so by the time that I get home the last thing I want to do is look at another computer.


A4 Weight with wings tail and rudderIt’s impolite to ask a lady how much she weighs, but that rule does not apply to jets. The Skyhawk was a little uneasy knowing that his weight was going to be posted, but I assured him that I would let you guys know that this is just his STARTING weight… when everything is installed he’s going to carry a more commanding and intimidating figure.


A4 RibsPeeling back the top hatch we can see inside. Hmmm… nice ribs. I don’t see a missing one so there must not be a female version of this jet.

This jet was designed for a bigger fan than what Jay is going to install. You see, bigger isn’t always better. And sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got. Luckily we’re just talking about jet fans here…

A4 Glued RibsGluing in the ribs…

Do you think that this is how Jonah felt in the belly of the whale? This is kind of how cartoons make the inside of a whale look like. Despite the fact that you would be in the stomach you always see the ribs… silly cartoonists!


A4 Tam InletsNow that we’re done tickling the ribs for a bit, let’s take a look at the lungs. These are special lungs. They were built by Tam. I am not sure who Tam is, but I know that he makes a lot of RC plane accessories that are fairly pricey (but worth it, according to what I’ve heard). These lungs are special due to the fact that they are made to fit a smaller fan. Also, they have a nicer curve to them so that the air flows a lot more naturally. There’s nothing worse than a jet having to stop in the middle of a flight to take a shot on the inhaler because his lungs aren’t quite functioning as efficiently as they should.

A4 Inlets“I think that I’m getting the Black Lung, Pop.”

A4 Bondo'd Inlets





To finish off the installation of the lungs you want to make sure to fill in any gap/crack where it connects to the gills. Make sure that it’s nice and smoooooooth….


A4 Fan Ears


You need to do some dry fitting to make sure that your alterations are going to work. Since we are installing a smaller fan than what it was designed for (and thus the structural pieces that come with the kit) we have to make our own fan mounts.



A4 Fan MountsOooo…. carbon fiber fan housing…

A4 Glued Pretzel EarsIf you run out of balsa feel free to use gluten-free pretzels. They are sturdier and will last longer than the balsa. If you crash this jet you know that the one thing you will find in tact is the gluten free pretzel that is holding your fan in the belly of the Whale.


A4 Glued Fan MountsNow that our gluten free pretzels are glued in we can do some more dry fitting.




And accessorize your fan with some pretty C-clamps.

A4 Mounted Fan





Oooooo…. we get a good look at the jet anatomy here… the ribs, the pretzels in the belly, and the ends of the lungs… all from the view up the tail pipe….




Well, I’ve run out of pictures. I’ll bug Jay to download some more, so I’m not sure where we’re going next….. I love a good mystery!

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